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Six coaching questions to help creatives PLANT their focus and NURTURE momentum and growth!

1. What project, goal or new behaviour do I want to germinate, grow or bring to bloom?

Artists and creatives often express to me they feel overwhelmed by too many possibilities. Are you a creative who struggles to determine what projects or goals to focus on? The next question might help you plant your focus on what would be most satisfying.

2. What positive impacts could this have on my creative practice/career/business?

Knowing why a project, goal or type of behaviour is important can solidify your commitment and motivation.

3. What existing skills, strengths or experience can I use to make this happen and how?

You have capabilities and experience you can draw on to make this happen! Put this in writing. Read it when you feel the need to remind yourself of this. Use this to nurture and recharge your motivation and momentum as needed.

4. What mindset will best support me to grow this?

Choose a mindset or perspective that you would like to embrace and will best serve you. For example, I did a deep dive on improving the search engine optimization (SEO) of my website in January. My initial mindset was this was something I “needed” to do to increase my visibility. Ugh! I wasn’t excited about tackling it. I tend to resist technology related tasks! I made a choice to embrace the mindset that this was an opportunity to gain some knowledge and skills. Choosing the mindset that this work was “professional development” helped me do the research and take the steps needed. I have to say that it turned out to be very satisfying to gain a better understanding of how SEO works.

5. What is one action step I will take to get started and when? And what daily or weekly actions will I need to really commit to in order to bring this to full bloom?

I appreciate this is really two questions! I’m inviting you to decide how you will get started and think through what you actually need to do to make this happen!

6. How can I be intentional about acknowledging my progress and growth?

It’s human nature to focus on what is yet to be accomplished but nurturing a sense of momentum and growth comes from noticing and acknowledging steps we’ve actually taken! This could be as simple as creating a project thermometer and adding a line to move the thermometer up and closer to the finish line every time you complete a task. Or team up with a friend and set up in person or virtual check-ins to support each other. Get creative and think about what might work for you!

I hope these questions help you shine your attention and focus your energy to grow momentum in your life as a creative professional in the coming weeks and months. Happy spring!

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