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Professional Development Workshops
for Artists & Creatives

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No upcoming events at the moment

Recent Workshops

Virtual Workshop presented as part of Women in Post Program for the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television

Friday, January 13, 2023 | Building Your Network as a Creative Professional 

Stay tuned for more workshop partnerships and dates!

Current Workshop Catalogue

I currently offer two series of 90 minute, virtual workshops designed to support creatives to develop their practice, arts-based business or career. Participants are guided through interactive and self-reflective exercises, coaching questions and customizable tools related to each topic. These thought-provoking workshops are structured to support learning, self-awareness, action planning and confidence building at all stages of creative career development.




Session 1

What’s Next? Clarify Your Vision for Your Creative Practice, Career or Business


This workshop will help you to clarify your vision for taking your creative practice or arts-based business or career to the next level - whatever that means to you! Hone in on your top priorities and leverage your clarity to better evaluate opportunities moving forward.


Session 2

Get Out of Your Head and into Action

Through facilitated coaching questions, explorations and customizable tools you will be empowered to transcribe your vision into an action plan for taking your creative practice, arts-based business or career forward. Identify meaningful goals, specific steps and milestones to create a plan and get started.

Session 3 

Focus Your Time and Energy to Better Serve Your Goals as a Creative Professional


Determine how you want to allocate your time and where you want to focus your energy. Through facilitated coaching questions, explorations and customizable tools you will be empowered to build your awareness of the mindset, time and effort you require to work on different types of tasks and projects and set yourself up to stay on top of key priorities.



Session 4 

Leverage Your Strengths and Experience as a Creative Professional


This workshop will help you to take stock of and better understand your personal strengths and experience. Explore and identify opportunities you personally have to build from your strengths in service of growing your creative practice, business or career.


Session 5 

Grow Your Professional Network as a Creative


Building a professional network is important for accessing  opportunities, resources, support and collaborators. This workshop will help you get over your resistance and fears of networking and hone in on your purpose, opportunities and strategies to build and cultivate your network  as a creative professional.


Session 6 

Blueprint for Collaborations 


Collaboration is a key skill set for creative professionals. This workshop will help you determine your personal criteria and best practices to create and navigate successful collaborations in your creative practice, business or career.



Session 1 

Prioritize Your Creative Practice 

This workshop will help you to make time for making and other projects and tasks that matter to you as a creative professional. Clarify what you are aiming to create or change and set yourself up to stay focused on making your creative practice your top priority.

Session 2 

Unpack and Understand Your Creative Process 

Through facilitated coaching questions, explorations and customizable tools you will be empowered to , identify the key steps of your process and ​use your awareness to plan for, recognize changes and advocate for your full process as it evolves moving forward.

Session 3

Build Habits and Routines to Support Your Creativity and Growth

This workshop will help you identify and build habits and routines you personally need to survive and thrive as a creative. Close your habit loop and determine tools to help you track, reflect and adjust to meet your needs moving forward.

Session 4

Inoculate Yourself from Your Inner Critic

Your inner critic can prevent you from growing, taking risks and moving forward. In fact, it can stop you right in your tracks - perhaps even leave you feeling unworthy of calling yourself a “real” artist. This workshop will help you better recognize when this is happening and to be able to tap into your inner resources when you want to inject yourself with courage and confidence.

Past Workshop Partnerships

Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television

Arts Etobicoke

Artscape Daniels Launchpad

Craft Council of British Columbia

Craft Ontario


Mississauga Potters Guild

Robert McLaughlin Gallery

The Steps Initiative

Toronto Outdoor Art Fair

Woodstock Gallery

Workman Arts

York Region Arts Council

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