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How artists and creatives can ROCK staying on top of their priorities!

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Here I am on top of my BIG ROCKS!

These are priorities I try to stay on top of and focus my best energy into week-to-week in my practice and life as a creative professional.

  • Creativity - being creative in my work and life

  • Connection - building and maintaining connections in the creative community at large

  • Growth - growing my creative business, skills and mindset

  • Balance - maintaining my work/life balance

I have a ritual of sitting down with a cup of tea and a notebook at the end of every week to reflect on these priorities. It helps me to be accountable, see my progress to keep motivated and plan strategically for the coming week. This usually takes me 15-20 minutes.

These are the questions I use every week to help me reflect, prioritize and plan around my BIG ROCKS:

What did I create?

Who did I connect with?

In what ways did I grow my practice or grow as a creative professional?

What contributed (or didn’t) to my sense of work/life balance?

I answer these questions in short bullet points and include observations about what’s working or not.

To help me plan ahead I also make note of:

What do I need to focus on in relation to my big rocks next week?

On Monday, I begin my week by reading my answer. It helps me set my focus on my BIG ROCKS for the week.

What are your BIG ROCKS?

Based on your BIG ROCKS as an artist or creative, what questions could help you to stay on top of your priorities week-to-week?

Photo Credit: Cylla Von Tiedemann

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