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Mid-Year Check-In for Artists and Creatives

June is a great time to 'take stock', and refocus on what's really important in our work and lives as creatives.

Part of taking stock includes reviewing what we HAVE achieved. Taking time to celebrate and applaud the hard work it took to get there. This can be as simple as making a list of what we've achieved so far this year. - Acknowledging our progress helps to keep us inspired about our goals.

If you're on track with your goals - congratulations!. And if you feel like your goals have gotten away from you, that's OK. As creatives we tend to have jam packed lives with many projects, ideas and goals. Plus we have jobs, families, friends - and lives. And we tend to overestimate what we can achieve anyway.

So take a moment now or block some time in you calendar before you head into summer to step back, reflect, and refocus. I like to block 90 minutes in my calendar to do this every three months. I treat it as a personal/professional "retreat"! Having focused time and head space to take stock of where I'm at and re-set helps me stay motivated and accountable!

Here are ten coaching questions to help artists and creatives take stock mid-year:

  1. What are your major achievements in your creative practice, career or business so far this year?

  2. As you consider the goals and resolutions you made at the beginning of the year, how are you doing?

  3. What needs attention moving forward? (If you’d like some help to think this through, download my free resource.

  4. What goals are becoming habits or can be checked off?

  5. What are some goals that you want to tweak or let go?

  6. What is the thing that has helped you be the happiest or be “in the flow” in your creative practice, career or business?

  7. What have you noticed about your creativity, productivity, results and professional relationships over the past 6 months?

  8. Looking ahead to the summer, list your top priorities.

  9. What are your goals for creative practice, business or career for the next three months?

  10. What does success and fulfilment at the end of the summer include for you as a creative professional?

Photo Credit: Cylla Von Tiedemann

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