Individual Coaching for Artists and Creatives During Covid-19

As the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to affect individual artists, arts based organizations and businesses, I continue to assess how I can step up to help and have an impact as a coach during this unusual time.


In an effort to make my 1:1 coaching services accessible to more people in our creative community, I’m continuing to offer these options:


One 30 minute virtual 1:1 coaching session to any artist or creative who needs a boost. 

All you have to do is contact me via the form below to schedule your complimentary session. No strings attached!

1:1 Coaching for Artists and Creatives

Results oriented collaboration and partnership to help you to:  Clarify your creative and personal goals | Cultivate confidence, mindset & self-esteem | Manage stress | Navigate change | Enhance your personal fulfilment | Build a sustainable creative career and balanced life.

Career Direction and Professional Growth:

Assess your strengths, talents and passions | Explore options for career direction and professional growth |  Establish action plans and accountability | Develop habits and routines to support your creativity and success | Take your creative practice and career to the next level.

Leadership Development:

Identify and focus on your key priorities | Increase your effectiveness | Build your awareness of your authentic leadership style and your impact on others.

Business Coaching for Creative Entrepreneurs:

Clarify and articulate your vision | Identify goals and opportunities | Focus on priorities to move forward | Develop and implement strategies to build your arts based business and income  | Market your artwork, products and services authentically.

I offer customized coaching plans and options for a set number of sessions over three or more months or a monthly rate for bi-weekly coaching sessions. Plus, I provide additional support via email or text between sessions if you have questions, want to share accomplishments or need additional encouragement.

Individual Coaching Three Month Package Rate 

Customized 1:1 coaching based on your individual needs and goals. Six sessions scheduled to meet your needs, typically over 3-4 months.

Package includes: 

  • One 90 minute Foundational Session - designed to clearly identify specific goals, desired outcomes and start to identify your core strengths and values in order to co-create your coaching plan

  • Four 45 min coaching sessions structured to increase your confidence, momentum and growth

  • Additional support  via email in between sessions if you have questions, want to share accomplishments or need additional encouragement.

  • 30 minute completion session

$895 +HST (Valued at $1055 - you save 15% ($160))

Book a Free 30 Minute Consultation   

Contact me to set up a free 30 minute 1:1 private conversation to learn more about coaching and explore if we are a good fit.

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