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"I empower artists and creatives to maximize their personal

and professional potential."

How I Can Help Artists an Creatives

Feeling stuck?   Are you struggling to determine your next steps, focus on your true priorities or lacking confidence to take your creative practice, business or career to the next level or a new direction?


I coach artists and creatives to navigate and develop their creative practices, businesses and careers. Empowering them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

I understand the creative mindset and appreciate that there are many ways

to build a career and life as a creative professional.

My coaching practice is focused on supporting artists and creatives like you including: emerging, mid-career and established visual artists, makers, designers, writers, musicians, filmmakers, performers, entrepreneurs with arts-based businesses, leaders of cultural organizations and anyone who is dedicated professionally or personally to artistic expression, creation or production.

Ready to take your creative practice, business or career to the next level or a new direction?

Here's how I can help

​As your coach, I provide results oriented collaboration and partnership to help you:


  • Clarify your vision and goals as a creative professional


  • Strategize and plan how to realize your ambitions for your creative practice, career or business 


  • Create habits and routines that support your professional development, productivity and success


  • Navigate challenges and change in your career and life as a creative


  • Cultivate confidence and mindset


  • Gain a better sense of control and accomplishment in your work and life as a creative professional.​


  • Build a more sustainable and fulfilling creative career and balanced life


Whatever your challenge or aspiration...I’ll work with you to gain clarity, overcome hurdles and achieve your goals.

How I Coach Artists an Creatives

How I Coach

Coaching with me is a creative and collaborative process! We create our coaching relationship and each session based on your needs and desired outcome.

I empower you to grow your creative practice, arts-based business or career

from the inside out and build a more sustainable and fulfilling life as creative professional. 

My job is to help you identify and focus on your true priorities and take the actions that you decide are right for you. I provide a neutral ear, champion you and build in accountability to keep you on track to move forward toward your goals.


I am based in Toronto, Canada and coach artists and creative professionals across Canada, the U.S.A and globally.


Services for Artists and Creatives

Individual Coaching for Artists and Creatives

Customized, 1:1 coaching based on your needs, challenges and desired outcomes. Clarify your direction and goals. Create achievable action plans, build habits, cultivate focus, mindset and confidence. 

Career Coaching for Creative Professionals:

Explore opportunities for career direction and professional growth. Strategize a path forward. Establish action plans and accountability. Take your creative practice and career to the next level.

Leadership Development Coaching for Creatives:

Build your awareness of your authentic leadership style and your impact on others. Focus on your key priorities. Increase your effectiveness.

Business Coaching for Creative Entrepreneurs:

Clarify and articulate your vision. Identify goals and opportunities. Market your artwork, products and services authentically. Develop strategies to build your arts based business and income.

Packages and Offers for Customized Individual Coaching:

Ready to take your creative practice/career/business to the next level or a new direction? I can help!

I offer package options for a set number of 1:1 sessions over three or more months or a monthly rate for bi-weekly coaching sessions.

For the month of June, to celebrate 8 years of coaching and 38 years as a creative professional, I’m offering a limited number of 45 minute 1:1 lightening coaching sessions at $50 off my current rates. 

PLUS $80 off of my Six Session Package Rate

Group Coaching Programs for Artists and Creatives:

A series of customized one hour small group sessions. Structured around specific topics or themes determined in collaboration with participants. Format facilitates individual reflection and action planning  and group discussion. Weekly check-ins support accountability to specific individual goals and projects.

Upcoming Group Coaching Program - Wednesdays June 26-July 24 | 1pm - 2 pm ET 

EARLY BIRD SAVINGS ENDS JUNE 10!                      

Register to Save Your Spot

Professional Development Workshops for Artists and Creatives:

I offer interactive workshops designed to empower artists to learn and grow in their creative practices or arts-based businesses. I host myself or in partnership with arts-based organizations.

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Workshops

Monthly Newsletter:

In my monthly newsletter I share articles from my blog,  observations, insights and coaching questions to help you you navigate your life and career as a creative professional. I also include practical resources and examples of strategies that have helped me and my clients. Plus news about my workshops, coaching programs and offers. All for FREE!

My Background

My Background    

My professional experience has evolved over three decades in leadership positions in small design and arts based businesses and non-profit arts organizations. My work has involved realizing creative visions, producing artistic programs, developing business strategies and plans, designing products, negotiating collaborations and partnerships. I've dedicated my career to working side-by-side with artists and creatives. 

I am a creative myself and I truly have a passion

for working with creative people!

Over the course of my career, I have collaborated with and mentored other creatives to achieve hundreds of creative and entrepreneurial initiatives. I understand the contexts, challenges and possibilities of building a sustainable and fulfilling career and life as a creative professional. I've lived those moments when I've had to figure out what's next for myself and sometimes create my own opportunities along the way. And I love helping others creatives do the same for themselves.


My own experiences as a creative professional

lead me to pursue coaching

artists and creatives at a professional level. 

Chris Mitchell_Headshot with painting

I hold an HBFA from York University and I am an Internationally Accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC)Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) through the Co-active Training Institute® and a member of ICF Toronto.



“Chris' coaching helped me develop and redesign my art practice. More importantly, I was able to turn inward to understand my own values, and strengths. As a result I feel a permanent shift in my outlook and perspective. This shift has allowed me to become confident and purposeful, and has empowered me to take control of my career as an artist. I feel now self-guided in a direction that is fulfilling, honest, and in line with my values. Chris is an amazing coach and the results are absolutely invaluable."   Justine
“I am deeply thankful for the productive time I have shared with Chris. Her compassionate and insightful methods helped me to galvanize, clarify, understand, and implement meaningful growth in my art practice. Moreover, her guidance in deeply connecting these actions to my personal values and aspirations has revolutionized my approach to teaching and I am newly able to imbue this excitement and deep connection in my pedagogy."  Donna Szoke
“I found Chris at a time in my life when I was really struggling to see a clear path forward for myself-- I'd been acting for over twenty years, had jumped from job to job to make ends meet during that time, and was tired of the lack of consistency in my life. But, I also couldn't see a way for me to get that stability without either giving up on my art, or completely compromising in my day job. Chris really helped me to gain clarity on all the skills and tools I'd been building and using as an artist all these years, and helped me figure out how I could apply them to my professional career, and even to my life at large. For the first time I was able to see a way forward into stability that didn't have to crush my creativity, or require me to give up on being an artist-- instead, Chris helped me to use my experience and knowledge to find or build something that would allow me to have both, and honour all the time I'd put into honing these skills all my life. If you are an artist looking to find new and creative ways to apply your skills to new ventures, want help overcoming imposter syndrome, or are simply looking for great advice and a roadmap on how to be a better business person as an artist, don't hesitate to talk to Chris! "  Katie


Send me your questions or contact me to set up a free 30 minute 1:1 private conversation to learn more about coaching and explore if we are a good fit.

Thanks for connecting!

Photo Credits: Cylla Von Tiedemann
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